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Food Preparation For The Professional 3e

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Completely revised and updated the definitive text on food preparation for the foodservice manager.
A comprehensive working knowledge of the principles, skills, and techniques necessary to prepare food for production is as critical for the aspiring foodservice manager as it is for the culinary arts student. Food Preparation for the Professional, Third Edition, targets the needs of career-oriented students who aim to manage the back of the house rather than prepare food on the line. Covering all the basics cooking methods, food preparation, safety and sanitation, storage and handling, equipment, and menu planning as well as addressing contemporary cuisine preferences and dietary trends, the book provides managers with the skills needed to run an efficient kitchen successfully in any type of foodservice operation. Fully revised and updated, the new edition of this classic text now includes:
* Troubleshooting information boxes that identify common problems, their causes, and solutions
* A nutritional analysis of each recipe and nutrient profiles
* New sections covering the emerging interest in grains, pasta, legumes, and vegetables
With its singular focus on food preparation for foodservice managers, this latest edition of Food Preparation for the Professional continues to be an indispensable tool for this rapidly growing area in the hospitality industry.

Prepping For Free Or Cheap

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A survival guide to get you prepared for a disaster while saving money. We all know that emergencies, disasters and unexpected events are headed our way. We just do not know when the unforeseen will happen. You might know that you want to prepare for unanticipated or surprising situations, but you cannot buy equipment or pay for the knowledge that you know you need. At times we find ourselves in a situation that doesn't allow us to spend money. This book will help you to learn about what it takes to be prepared for the next coming disaster in the cheapest way possible. You can learn how to get an education, put food in your pantry, store water, have good health and save a little money along the way. Modern techniques and time-honored methods fill the pages of this book. Each page guides you through the best and easiest ways to NOT spend money to get what you need for the least out-of-pocket cost. Good luck as you put into practice these methods to a prepared future with a little cash in your pocket!

The Prepper's Wife - After Armageddon

RRP $18.99

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It's not a question of if, it's a matter of when a "guaranteed" electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or coronal mass ejection (CME) will occur next.

How will our technology dependent society cope with the loss of readily available electricity?

Modern civilization is built on electrical components. When you turn on the faucet or flush a toilet you are utilizing electrically powered water pumps. Your cell phone is filled with circuit boards that would be destroyed by an EMP and the cell towers would be disabled also. Satellites that deliver news would fall from the sky, your t.v. wouldn't be able to receive the signal anyway due to the melted components. Radio, T.V., phones & internet would all be disabled. Loss of communication would complicate and delay any efforts to coordinate disaster relief. The responsibility would fall to you to take care of yourself and your household.

What others are saying:

"This is the book every prepper wants his wife to read" - Noah S.

"The Prepper's Wife - After Armageddon... is a must-have in my prepper library!" - Sherry T.

"This book answers questions I didn't know to ask" - Julie S.

Do you have what it takes to endure the end of the world as we know it?

This book will teach you many things, including how to:
  • Succeed in providing food through gardening
  • Keep your family clean and healthy
  • Provide clean water for drinking and cooking
  • Avoid getting pregnant
  • Stock up on supplies that will make life easier
  • ... and look great doing it all!

Get a feel of what it will be like to live after a major catastrophe with practical exercises in areas such as:
  • Making vinegar from scratch
  • Gathering yeast for bread making
  • Create safe eyeliner and mascara
  • Eating RAW to conserve fuel
  • Folding a diaper
  • Making cheese without cultures
  • ... and much more!

Take the journey to self sufficiency using tips and tools provided in this in-depth look at what is needed to create a new life after Armageddon.

Keywords: emergency preparedness, self sufficiency, survival, SHTF, EMP, TEOTWAWKI, prepper, CME, off-grid, bug out, epidemic, pandemic, economic collapse, fiat currency, dollar collapse, yellowstone, ebola, H1N1, doomsday, apocalypse, disaster

Plasma For Bio-decontamination, Medicine And Food Security

RRP $409.99

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Non-thermal (cold) plasmas at atmospheric pressure have recently found many breakthrough applications in biology, medicine, and food security. Plasmas can efficiently kill bacteria, yeasts, moulds, spores, biofilms and other hazardous microorganisms, including potential bio-terrorism agents. They can be employed for bio-decontamination and sterilization of surfaces, medical instruments, water, air, food, even of living tissues without causing their damage. Direct or indirect plasma interaction with living cells of microorganisms or even humans enables novel bio-medical applications, e.g. treatment of skin diseases and ulcers. Plasma-enhanced blood coagulation coupled with its antiseptic properties proved success in wound healing and opens new possibilities in surgery, emergency medicine and military applications. Plasma treatment allows cell manipulations, their removal and targeted transfer into the injured area, which can accelerate wound healing. Plasma induced apoptosis (programmed cell death) of tumor cells brings forth a great potential for cancer treatment. Besides, plasma enables painless treatment of dental caries, root canal disinfection, and other dentistry applications.
This book is a selection of reviewed manuscripts issuing from the NATO Advanced Research Workshop Plasma for bio-decontamination, medicine and food security held in Jasna, Slovakia, on 15-18 March 2011. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge and research activities focused at the plasma applications in areas such as bio-decontamination, water chemistry, effects on cells; biofilm inactivation, UV sterilization, and medicine, especially tissue treatment and wound healing, as well as dentistry and food security.

Wedding Preparation Book For About To Weds

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Planning a wedding is interesting but at the same time, it has never been easy for many couples. On many occasions, most couples forget certain things that suppose to feature in their weddings due to the long stress, tension and confusion that go with wedding planning. This book manual is number one in the whole world because it takes you step by step while you are planning your wedding until your wedding is over and you will be very happy. This manual will enable you to (1.) Plan your wedding with any budget (2.) Plan your wedding in anywhere you are in the world (3.) Plan your wedding in any denomination of church that you belong to (4.) eliminate wedding planning stress totally (5.) Plan your wedding without a wedding specialist (6.) follow your wedding planning step by step (7.) Plan your wedding without forgetting any item, procedure, duty, role or anything that has to go with your wedding (8.) Plan your wedding without wedding committee (9.) Practice or rehearse your wedding speeches before the day (10.) Practice or rehearse your wedding vows before the day (11.) Compile your order of events at your wedding reception venue (12.) Compile your other of wedding photography both in the church and at the reception venue (13.) Prepare your wedding invitation cards (14.) Know all the wedding checklist (15.) Know all the people that will work with you during your wedding ceremony. And many more


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